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     In the beginning, drumsticks always looked like this --> Drum Sticks  
They were pretty plain and ordinary, until someone got their juices flowing and created some very unique designs.
Check out some of the innovations through the years and the many colors and styles that were spawned.

Black Drumsticks Colored Drumsticks Pinstripe Drumsticks

Painted sticks.

Colored Drumsticks
Holographic Wrapping

Synthetic Drumsticks
Also colored with pinstripes.

College Drumsticks

Flag Drumsticks

Art Drumsticks

College Team Drumsticks
Go Wildcats!

Red, White and Blue

Art Design Drumsticks
Flames, Money, Aztec Designs

Aluminum Drumsticks

Laser Drumsticks

Glow in the Dark Drumsticks

Metal Practice Drumsticks
Aluminum - Warm up

Laser Drumsticks
They shoot laser beams!

Glow in the Dark Drumsticks
They glow in the dark!

Finger Drumsticks - Fingerstix

Neon Drumsticks

Giant Drumsticks

Finger Drumsticks
They wrap around the finger with velcro and you tap to play.

Neon Drumsticks
Painted on.

Giant Drumsticks
As a novelty decoration.

Rock Drumsticks

Jingle Drumsticks

Personalized Drumsticks

Rock Theme Drumsticks
Collectors Drumsticks - theme

Jingle Drumsticks
A tamborine on a stick!

Personalized DrumSticks
Your name on your sticks.

Color Mallets

Rainbow Drumsticks

Light up Drumsticks - Lighted

Drumstick Mallets
Superball mallet drumsticks.

Rainbow Drumsticks
Foil wrap design sticks.

Light up Drumsticks
Battery Powered - LED

Light Up Drumsticks

Toy Drumsticks, Kids - Electric

Miniature Drumsticks

Blinking Drumsticks
Battery Powered - LED

Toy Drumsticks - Electric
For Kids - They play sounds.

Miniature Drumsticks - 6"
Novelty or Promotional

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