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Drum Bum: T-shirts and Gifts for Drummers!


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Study these tried and tested methods and come out on top!


  1. Learn the 7 essential rudiments (at least) accurately and up to speed. (Especially the single and double stroke rolls)
  2. Know and recognize all the styles and be able to play variations of each.
  3. Have a thorough understanding of rhythmic note values and sight-reading.
  4. Practice with a metronome (or drum machine) extensively to greatly improve your internal sense of time.
  5. Play with live bands and sit in on jam sessions as much as possible.
  6. Work on four-way independence on the drumset. Understand how to create syncopation and beat displacement to enhance creativity.
  7. Learn how tune your drums for the optimum sound and the variables that affect that sound.
  8. Know the "name" players in the industry and their contributions to the drum world.
  9. Listen to all the music you can and listen intensely to how the drummer plays.
  10. Practice, practice, practice!! Continually find ways to make it fun such as practicing rudiments in front of the TV, emulating drummers by practicing along with CD’s, etc.
  11. Know and understand that attitude is everything in this business and it shouldn’t be underestimated.
  12. Know and understand that "groove" comes first, then "chops". Always make it feel good first and foremost.Understand that it takes a "work ethic" to be the best. You must work hard!

1. Read books with inspiring themes or messages.

2. Listen to inspiring music. Music that leaves
you feeling "pumped" and filled with positive

3. Listen to self-help/motivational tapes. If you
haven't tried 'em, you're missing out!

4. Watch movies like "Shawshank Redemption" that
portray the epitome of human perseverance.

5. Go to drum clinics and/or watch drum videos of
your favorite players.

6. Study the patterns of successful people and
hang out with them any chance you get. They "will"
rub off on you!

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