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Rock Drum Lessons

So you want to play rock and roll?

It's not as hard as you think. The first thing to do is search our drums database for rock drum beats. You'll find free lessons beginning to advanced. Start with a professional drum teacher if you can. They can help you get established in the beginning and save you from picking up any bad habits. Consider buying a good book or dvd on rock drumming. You can find many free rock drumming lessons on the net by clicking on the link or click on the banner below for hundreds of selections featuring drum lessons by the pros.

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What's this thing called Drum Rudiments?

Rudiments are basically just sticking patterns like RRLL or RLRR, LRLL. They have different names like "Single Stroke Roll" or "Flamadiddle". Learn at least a few Drum Rudiments in the beginning so you can get your hands in shape. Despite what anyone tells you; you don't have to know all 40 drum rudiments to be a good rock drummer.

Double Bass Drums?

Some think that you should be an advanced drummer before you tackle double bass drumming but that's simply not true. It's fun to learn a few double bass drum beats. Double bass works great on a lot of rock tunes. Just remember to use it responsibly. You don't want to be playing bombastic 16th note double bass rolls in a rock ballad. - Double Bass Drumming Books

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Find rock drum lessons at the drums database. Cool rock and roll drum beats, fills, articles and links. Tips and resources on Rock Drumming as well as links to some of the finest drum lesson sites on the internet.

C O O L    L I N K S

How to Play Drums - Teach yourself how to play drums with this easy, fun method to start drumming without formal drum lessons.
Double Bass Drumming - Lessons on how to play double bass drums. Learn how to approach double bass, the proper technique, strengthening exercises, speed techniques, and double bass grooves for drums. 
Drum Play Alongs - Drum play along lessons on DVD where you will find music without drums. Songs without the drums on them to make it easier to practice drums. You are the drummer!
Drum Tuning - Learn how to tune drums. This lessons DVD simplifies drum tuning and features tips from the pros that you can count on.  - More drum tuning books and DVDs.

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Drum Bum's "Drums Database" is your access to all the information on beginner to advanced drum lessons for drums. Lessons and drum tips for how to hold the drumsticks, drum tuning, and learning basic beats and drum fills. Learn how to play drums at the Drums Database.


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