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Lesson 1 - A handful of free drum beats and drum patterns. Don't  underestimate the value of properly placed accents in your drum playing!  Learn to play drums properly and systematically with these valuable beginner drum tips.
Lesson 2 - A creative exercise for drumset incorporating drumbeats with accents, within a snare and bass drum groove. The snare drum plays 8ths while the drums are accented by the hands and kick drum.
For books and dvds for drum lessons on accents click the link.

                               ADVANCED                  to the top
Lesson 1 - An arm movement exercise for drumset endorsed by Jim Chapin and others that support the Moeller Method and related drum concepts, from johnnydrums.com. Quicktime movie. Allow to load.    Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Lesson 2 - Unique exercises, intermediate to advanced, for drums utilizing 16th note triplets on the drumset. Features Mike Johnston with challenging lessons.   Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Lesson 3 - Professional drummer, Dave Walsh demonstrates expert advanced drum technique. The one handed triplet, 16th notes with one hand / hand to hand flams. Scroll down for video Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Click the link below for more drumset lessons online. Drummer patterns,
left foot clave exercises for drumset, backwards drumbeats, left foot clave on drumset ala drums pro, El Negro Horatio Hernandez, and displaced beats
for drums. Also pro drummer /author Alan Reider's book, Time Manipulation
More 'Advanced' Lessons at Drums Database

                                   AFRO-CUBAN (see also "Latin")         

Lesson 1

- Learn how to play afro-cuban with Latin drum lessons. Rhythm transcriptions for drums by Jim Salem. The introduction is esp. thought provoking.  

Lesson 2

- Don't miss this online educational lessons site from Mamborama.com! "Cuban Music 101" offers a crash course for drums with precise definitions and quick-loading sound samples. Limeball.gif (370 bytes)   
Lesson 3
- Plan on learning Latin drums? Here's a free demonstration on video including a Latin drum concept utilizing left foot clave. Free drum lessons videos online!
Lesson 4

- Percussion.info houses tons of percussion links / resources. Links to percussion websites that specialize in Latin and Afro-Cuban drums and creative drum beats.

For books and dvds on latin drum lessons click the link.

                   ARTISTS        to the top

Lesson 1

- A great tribute site with free music MP3's of Dave Weckl tearin' up the drumset. Learn Weckl drum beats!
Lesson 2 - A brief drum lesson on Dave Weckl's triplet concept. Learn how to play triplets fluently around the drums.  

Lesson 3

- Larry Bright "tearing up" the drums! Free video clips with Gary Grainger and Victor Wooten on Bass Guitar. More Limeball.gif (370 bytes)

Click the lessons link below for more drum tabs and free drum videos on Vinnie Colaiuta, Buddy Rich, Steve Gadd, MPEG video clips, double bass drum & more drumset artists drum solos. Tons of free drum lessons and and the best video instruction for drummers right here!


Lesson 1 - Learn how pro drummer, Paul Wertico deals with the ever important issue of balance on the drums / drum set.

                   BAIION (see also "Latin")
Lesson 1 - Lessons featuring the Baion rhythm (Baião) played on the Pandeiro, featuring Emiliano Benevides. Limeball.gif (370 bytes)

                         BASIC BEATS        to the top

Lesson 1 - Learn how to play the drums for free online! Drummer rock beats and rhythms. Simple 8th note rock drum beats and drum fills for you drumbums! Each beginner drum lessons exercise has a sound file! You'll be learning how to drum in no time. Lessons slow to load. Limeball.gif (370 bytes) Sorry, site is temporarily down
Lesson 2 - Learn to play the drums online using all types of "beginner" drum fills on drumset. From a terrific drum lessons site, the Web Thumper has a terrific drum learning system! Sound files.       Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Lesson 3 - A good "how to" education for getting started playing a groove on the drumset. Includes basic notation instruction and 6 useful beginning to intermediate drum beats.
Learn how to play drums for free, at the Drum Lessons Database. Snare Drum Lessons, Drumset Lessons, and Drum Basics. Beginner Drum Lessons DVDs.

   awesome..Light Up DrumSticks... drumbum.com

                                       BASS DRUM  (see also Double Bass)
Lesson 1 - Lessons in the heel toe method for bass drum. Highly recommended bass drum lessons for beginners and advanced drummers!
Lesson 2 - A great how to drumset article by "Tiger Bill" Meligari on getting your feet up to speed. - A superb drums site featuring free how-to articles and drum beats online.
For books and dvds on bass drum lessons click the link.

                                     BEGINNING  (see also Basic Beats)
Lesson 1 - Frank Favacho teaches beginner drum lesson concepts necessary for drums such as technique, coordination, independence on drums, reading, drum tuning and drum beats. More free beginning drum lessons throughout this page.
Lesson 2 - Join the drum lessons guys on the micro-blogging drum blog over at twitter. Some great drums tips and links to free drum lessons online.
Lesson 3 - Young kids, teenagers, and adults can learn to play the drumset easily. Check out this funk beat as well as many other beginner free drum lessons that encourage you to bang on the drums all day!   
Lesson 4 - Definitions for each part of the drumset and explanation on how to set up a snare drum, toms, cymbals, drumset. - Includes detailed drum video.    
Lesson 5 - Beginner drum lessons on books, cds, and DVDs. Learn beginner to advanced through pro drums media with famous drummers.

Click on the lessons link below for more free beginner drumset, easy drumset beats, drum fills, and drum tips with music notation. Lots of beginning drumset information on stroking, bass drum peddling, hi-hat techniques, shuffling and choices for drumsticks. Pro Phil Rowley, taught by legendary drum teacher and educator Murray Spivak's system, demonstrates proper grip for the drums. Beginner Drum Lessons and instruction for drum playing... and it's all free!.
More 'Beginning' Drum Lessons at Drums Database

                         BEGUINE (see also "Latin")
Lesson 1 - Beguine lessons for drumset. More percussion styles to be added. Online drumming site w/ beguine drum beats samples. How to play a beguine drum beat.

                         BEMBE (see also "Latin")

Lesson 1 - How to play bembe beat on the drums.. Follow their "7 wheels to bembe" link. More on bembe drums and latin drumming throughout this site.

                        BLUES (see also Shuffle)

Lesson 1 - Frames site. Click on "Audio" to hear some terrific blues drumming. Cool shuffle patterns, drum lessons, and drum soloing from pro, Jim Ryan. Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Lesson 2 - Learn how to play the blues. Learn blues drumming with some blues grooves from Harold O's Digital Drum Curse.
Lesson 3 - Basic Blues Drum Beats for Drumset. 6/8 and 12/8 beginner drum rhythms. Explanations of blues for the beginner as applied to the drums.
For books and dvds on blues drum lessons click the link.

                        BODHRAN             to the top
Lesson 1 - Lessons on how to make bodhran drums. Making the rim, mounting the skin, making the beater, tuning bodhran drums, and more.
Lesson 2 - An all-inclusive site dedicated to Irish frame drums. This will be the only drum resource you'll need for this unique musical instrument.

Lesson 1 - Definition, example, and variations of the Bo Diddley beat. A rhythm thats been played on drums for years. - by Drum Bum.  

                         BONGOS             to the top
Lesson 1 - History, examples, drum resources, and percussion. A great bongo drums how to page! If you want to learn the bongo drums, this is the place. More on latin percussion and conga drums also.
For books and dvds on latin drum lessons click the link.

                           BOSSA NOVA (see also "Latin")
Lesson 1 - An explanation of the basic Bossa Nova drum rhythm and how it's applied to the drumset. Reference playing examples of the bossa nova beat.

                     BRUSHES       (see also Jazz)
Lesson 1 - Brush lessons by drummers such as Clayton Cameron, Chuck McPherson and more. Traditional to contemporay styles and brush playing for drums. Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Lesson 2 -Learn how to play brushes for swing drumming and more. Great "how to" tips on basic brush strokes (with diagrams) for snare drum, from pro veteran drummer, Paul Wertico
Lesson 3 - You've heard of "Paint by Numbers"? Well, how about "Brush by Numbers". Pedro Martinez has a gift for presenting brush strokes in a unique and creative way for drums. Check out these brush lessons.

Click the drum lessons link below for more on playing brushes and swing drumming including a great article on jazz brushes playing by prof, Steve Hemphill of NAU. Visit I.A. Jazz Educators website for more.
More 'Brushes' Drum Lessons at Drums Database

                                BUILDING                  to the top
Lesson 1 - E-drums website. Free lesson plans online for building custom drum trigger pad assemblies for drumsets and percussion set-ups.
Lesson 2 - A great outline on drumset building and rebuilding by RMMP's own, Ben Jacoby. Covers parts, drum types, drum accessories, etc.   
Lesson 3 - Building a Bodhran drum. Lots of info on how to make this Irish hand drum, the bodhran.

                         BUSINESS          to the top

Lesson 1 - "How to Get Gigs", including where to look, how to audition on drums, and how to keep a music gig once you get it. A great resource for drummers.  How to get gigs article

                              BUYING A DRUMSET          to the top

Lesson 1 - This is the place to start if you've just begun to plan on Buying a Drumset.  A unique little free drumset guide from your very own drums and accessory gift shop...Drum Bum!    
Lesson 2 - A descriptive comparison about drums and cymbal types / sizes from the former RMMP FAQ site. An excellent reference aid for those buying drums for the first time. Basically, a help guide for how to buy a drumset!
Popular brands are Pearl Drums, DW, Tama Drums, Ludwig, Yamaha Drums, Slingerland, Gretch, Ayotte, Sonor, Premier Drums, Mapex, GMS, Remo, Peavey, and other entry level drums like CB, and Sunlite
Learn how to play drums for free, at the Drum Lessons Database.

"Thank You. I've seen a lot of sights on the net for
drums and percussion, but this is the best (most useful) site I have seen
yet. I only hope other sites become at least half as resourceful as yours.
A great reference to drum patterns and exercises. Keep up the good work"

Rodger M. Weir, CMA
DrumCussion Association of Alberta

                                 BUZZ ROLL (see also "Rudiments")

Lesson 1 - Out of all the drum rudiments the buzz roll can be most confusing. Drummers often mix it up with the double stroke roll. This short drum article should help shed some light on how to play the buzz roll on snare.

                       CASCARA (see also "Latin")

Lesson 1

- "Latin Concepts" - Step by step drum instruction for playing the cascara pattern starting with emulating the timbale and then adding bass, snare and toms. For more on how to play latin drum rhythms, see Latin Drums.

                       CLAVE (see also "Latin")

Lesson 1

- A learn how to play Clave guide. This is a frames page. Just follow the clave links on the page.
Lesson 2 - Left foot clave exercises for drums / drumset. "Clave and Afro-Cuban rhythms". These and more percussion instruction.
- Another great drums article by Paul Wertico. Learning jazz improvisation with claves. Very well-written.
                           More Drum Lessons on Clave at Drums Database

                          CLEANING DRUMS           to the top

Lesson 1

-A free guide to drums and drumset cleaning, how to clean your cymbal stands and general tips for cleaning your drums. Excellent instructional resource for drum maintenance.

Lesson 2

-An excellent article on cymbal cleaning by Drum Bum.

                       CONGA (see also "Latin")

Lesson 1
- Afro Cuban Conga rhythms. One of the many free music lessons from the Berklee Shares program. Learn to play drums for free online.

Lesson 2

- Basic conga lessons for beginners. Get started on the conga with 2 primary drum beats for beginners...the GUN and the DUN. - PDF
For books and dvds for conga drum lessons click the link.

                     CUBAN          to the top

Lesson 1

- A few melodic exercises for drums, from master percussionist Changuito, brought to you by pro drummer Chuck Silverman. 

Lesson 2

- More Changuito (independence exercises). Don't forget to check out Chuck's new video, "Drumset Artists of Cuba".

                      CYMBALS           to the top

Lesson 1

- Make those drums look better with shiny cymbals! Here's an instruction guide on cleaning your cymbals. For more on cymbals, click the link below.
Lesson 2

- What to do with a cracked cymbal. Fix it? Throw it away? Make it a special effects cymbal?

Popular brands are Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste, Meinl, Bosphorous, Ufip

Click the link below for more drum lessons and PDFs on hand-held
and suspended cymbals, marching and orchestral applications.

More 'Cymbals' Lessons at Drums Database

                                       DICTIONARY (see also "Encyclopedia")

Lesson 1 - A glossary of drum terms related to drums.
Lesson 2 - "University of Salsa" is a fantastic musical resource! A complete dictionary of all salsa related terms including such words as shekeré, clave, and guaguancó. 
Lesson 3 - School yourself with definitions and pictures of the individual pieces of a drumkit. Know about each of the drums.

Click the link below for more drums and percussion dictionary, glossary.

More 'Dictionary' Lessons at Drums Database

                      DJEMBE (see also "Latin")
Lesson 1 - A music site containing just about everything there is to know about Djembe drums and related percussion. Tons of djembe drum lessons here. -Awesome!
Lesson 2 - Pro Drummer Mark Powers teaches us a few basic conga lessons and djembe lessons. New! PDF - More hand drumming.
For books and dvds for djembe drum lessons click the link.

                           DOUBLE BASS - Kick             to the top
Lesson 1 - Double bass (or some call it double kick) 16th ideas, by Chris McCaig. Check out his other double bass lessons, drums tips and drum tabs while you're there! Learn double bass drumming with Chris, free online.
Lesson 2 - Find tons of double bass drum tips and ideas for playing double bass drum beats and double bass drum fills at DrumTips.com.

Click the link below for more double bass drums lessons and double bass drumming tips. Learn to play drums online... for free! - For DVDs, don't miss
double bass drum lessons performed by your favorite drummers!

  More 'Double Bass' Drum Lessons at Drums Database

   jewelry, ties, keychains and gifts....drumbum.com

                             DRAGS (see also "Rudiments")
Lesson 1 - A drums video lesson on the Single Drag. See links to more Drum Rudiments and Drumset Rudiments for drums and perc. More drum set rudiments to follow.

                           DRUMLINES (see also "Marching")
Lesson 1 - Cadences, scores, tabs, and other drum treasures from  well-known marching drumlines/corps (DCI) such as the Blue Devils, The Cavaliers, Santa Clara Van Guard, Phantom Regiment, and more. Descriptions for drums included.   
Lesson 2 - Mallet warmups, drumroll interpretation, cadences, for marching bands / drumlines. Check out Josh Gottry's drumming system. A great music site including PDF reference files.
Lesson 3 - A very large list of drumlines. Traditional drumlines, indoor drumlines, drumline and drumcorps resources. Featured at DrumLinks.com

                          DRUMSTICKS                to the top
Lesson 1 - A great analization of various types of drumsticks including stick sizes, shapes, wood types, lengths, widths, and more.
*Popular brands are Vic Firth, Pro-mark, Zildjian, Vater, JohnnyRabb
Check out Drumsticks.org  for some very unique drumsticks.

                      DUMBEK (see also "Latin")
Lesson 1 - Tons of information on dumbek percussion and dumbek rhythms, rhythmic examples, etc..
Lesson 2 - Mid-Eastern hand drums and drum rhythms. Well-organized into easy to follow beats for percussion.

                            DYNAMICS                    to the top
Lesson 1 - A drums lesson guide for ghost strokes. By pro drummer, drumset artist, Gary Marshall from the UK.
Lesson 2 - A listening guide for drum recordings with great dynamics and musicality.
Lesson 3 - A sample (dynamics) page from Brian A. Tychinski's new method book, The Beginning Total Percussionist. Go to PDF files. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or higher.  

Click the link below for more lessons on dynamics for drums, and a piece by professional drummer and Berklee Music School grad., Fran Merante.
More 'Dynamics' Drum Lessons at Drums Database

                              ELECTRONICS (see also Triggering)
Lesson 1 Electronic Drums discussion at DrumChat.com. Covering electronic drumkits, midi, triggers and all things e-drums.
Lesson 2 - Electronic drums "Do it yourself" Drum Trigger Pads. This electronic drums site will show you how to combine Remo practice pads with drum machines and save yourself some money on electronic drums. Thanks for the submission Koz.
*Popular electronic drumsets brands are Roland, Alesis D4, Pintech Drumsets, Hart Dynamics, Ddrum, Emu, and Yamaha Electronic Drums.

                    ENCYCLOPEDIA       to the top
Percussion research: Covering drum set history, building instruments, maintenance and repair. Instruments covered are drumset, timpani, sticks and mallets. Resources for drums including Percussive Notes, Modern Drummer, Percussionist, and numerous drum related books and references.
Lesson 1 - Definitions and great pics for the following instruments: berimbau, cabassa, pandeiro, cowbells, agogo bells, chocalo, guiro, tamborim, timbales, surdo, congas, bongos, claves, cuica, steel drums, maracas, and apitos. A "how to" learning guide for latin drums and percussion.   
Learn to play drumset for free, at the Drum Lessons Database.

More percussion resources and drums-related, encyclopedia links.
database of music terms and music definitions, the "Multimedia Music Dictionary" features drums history, a drum glossary, drums articles, and more lessons on drums and percussion! Click on the drum lessons link below to learn more.
More 'Encyclopedia' Lessons at Drums Database

                             ENDORSEMENTS                 to the top
Lesson 1 - Learn all about drum endorsements in the music industry from what drummers qualify and how the endorsement deals work. More discussion on how to get an endorsement.

                   FILLS          to the top

Lesson 1

- Drum fills for drumset that incorporate kick drum, snare drum and tom toms. 2 beat fills for drums. Limeball.gif (370 bytes) *New!
- Eight fun intermediate drum fills for drumset. From the Web Thumper's drumming system. How to compose a drum fill on the drumset. More on drum fills to come. Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Lesson 3
- From the drum studios of Chris McCaig. Learn paradiddle drum fills and cool drumset beats with this rudiment. - PDF
For books and video dvds on drum fills click the link.

Free drum lessons online at DrumsDatabase.com!

                                FLAMS (see also "Rudiments")
Lesson 1 - Learn how to play flams on the snare drums, drumset, or an drums for that matter. DrumRudiments.com will show you how to play them with free video drum lessons for all drum rudiments. More on flam rudiments, rudimental combinations and exercises based on developing flam cooridination, flexibility and stick control.

                                             FRAME DRUMS (see also "Hand Drumming")
Lesson 1 - Another great drum page by Rhythmweb! Introductory guide to frame drums with history and explanation of different drum types.

                              FUNK                  to the top
Lesson 1 - Funk Drums! - This is a frames page. Follow the link to advance beats and then click on "Advanced Funk".  There are 3 funk exercises for drum set.  Limeball.gif (370 bytes) - Free drumset lessons!
Lesson 2 - Drum excerpts on the New Jack Swing groove from Zoro's great book, "The Commandments of R&B Drumming". Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Lesson 3 - A couple of interesting funk grooves based off of the Cascara drum pattern. By latin drums and drumset artist, Chuck Silverman.

Click the drum lessons link below for more funk drum grooves, drum solos, drum fills, video drum lessons, and exercises featuring David Garibaldi, and Steve Gadd (Paul Simon, Chick Corea, etc.).
More on funk drums and David Garibaldi's "Soul Vaccination" groove.
More 'Funk' Drum Lessons at Drums Database

   "LIGHT-UP" DrumSticks... drumbum.com

                        GHOST STROKES      to the top
Lesson 1 - An example of how ghost notes are played on drums within a groove. Includes audio! From the Web Thumper's unique drumming system.   Limeball.gif (370 bytes)

To learn more about ghost notes, click the drum lessons link below.
More examples of ghosted notes for drums and drumset.
  More 'Ghost Strokes' Drum Lessons at Drums Database

                         GRIP          to the top
Lesson 1 - A short drums essay by Marc Zoutendijk. The never-ending debate of "traditional" verses "matched" grip technique. Discussion on matched / traditional hand grips and technique.  

Click the lessons link below for more video instruction on grip technique for drumset, matched grip approach by Alan Mclean and drums pro, Phil Rowley demonstrates proper grip for drumming. PIT alumni and Berklee Grad, Phil was also taught by legendary drum teacher/guru, Murray Spivak. Video Drum Lessons Online! 

                                GROOVE              to the top
Lesson 1 - Kenwood Dennard demonstrates a solid groove! Click your way through these drum beats to the "Groovagitalistic" drum lessons area and check out this funky pattern for drums. Nice!
Lesson 2 - Paul Wertico talks about defining the quarter note pulse to help lock in the rhythm. Includes practical examples for drums. 
Lesson 3 - Odd meters, and other interesting groove patterns inspired by musicians from Phish, Primus, Oysterhead, etc. Media formats are Virtual Drummer Loop, Midi, and MP3. Limeball.gif (370 bytes)

Click the lessons link below for more 8th and 16th note drum grooves that focus on implementation and variations of the hi-hat for drumset. Play with groove! Learn how to groove on the drums with video examples.
More 'Groove' Drum Lessons at Drums Database

                       HALF TIME       to the top
Lesson 1 - David Capuzelo plays a half time drum beat that literally melts in your mouth. Drum videos and links to more rock beats, jazz beats, linear grooves, latin beats, permutation, ostinato, drum rolls, and more drumset related stuff. *New! Limeball.gif (370 bytes)

                               HAND DRUMMING (see also "Latin")
Lesson 1 - Another great page by Rhythmweb! Introductory to frame drums with history and explanation of different types. Bongos, pandeiro, djembe drums, etc. A great world drumming site.
Lesson 2 - History, examples, resources and tips for playing the Bongos. More bongo drum lessons coming.
Lesson 3 - A music site containing just about everything there is to know about playing Djembe drums from beginning techniques to latin drum fills.  -Awesome!

More on Taiko drums and drumming methods, information on
Dumbek rhythms, examples of hand drums, etc., and lessons on how to play the Tamborine, Triangle and other drums and percussion instruments.
Click the drum lessons link below to learn more.
   More 'Hand Drumming' Lessons at Drums Database
*Popular brands are LP, Toca, Meinl, Rhythm Tech, Remo, Gon Bops

                        HEAD SELECTION          to the top
Lesson 1 - A subjective view on drum head types and their application to drums. Brand selection includes Remo, Aquarian, Evans, Attack, and Premier. Also covers tuning and styles. Frames page, click on "Tips on Heads" for drum head info.
Lesson 2 - Drumhead tips, the "Tap Test", sound characteristics, comparison chart, and tuning sheets. By Aquarian Drumheads
*Popular brands are Remo, Evans, Aquarian, Pearl, Ludwig

                       HEALTH ISSUES           to the top
Lesson 1 - A page long music FAQ about Tinnitus. Important for all musicians ... drums, piano, guitar players, bass players, etc.    
Lesson 2 - An incredible resource guide and education on Musician's Injuries. Features numerous articles, and book references.
Lesson 3 - Life Lessons. A valuable read for those drummers who want to take their drumming career seriously.
Lesson 4 - Get informed about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Lesson 5 - "Take care of yourself." - Another "real" important drum article by Mike James concerning things us drummers often underestimate.
Lesson 6 - Common Drumming Injuries and Health Tips for Drummers with info. on Sprains, Tendonitis, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Back Pain. Don't let these ailments get the best of you.
Lesson 7 - DrumLinks.com features a health links section and a section with sites featuring drummers with disabilities.
   cool...Drum Lessons, Drum Tabs... Everything about drums

                   HISTORY          to the top
Lesson 1 - Links on the history of drums. 411 Drums is a respected drumming and percussion educational site with drum lessons on more than just how to play drums. See the evolution of the drumset including music links to early pioneers who played brand drumsets like Ludwig and Slingerland as well as 18th century drumming and more. A great lesson plan page for drums.

                        INDEPENDENCE            to the top
Lesson 1 - A lesson on the triplet concept Dave Weckl popularized and taught in his drumset clinics for years. Great for inspiring creative drum beats and drum fills.
Lesson 2 - Drumbeats that focus on putting the ride cymbal or high hat on upbeat eighth notes. A practical how-to guide.
Lesson 3 - Terrific exercise for drums. Playing upbeat eighths on cymbal or hi hat, over practical groove patterns. One of many lessons for guitar, bass and percussion.

Click below for more drumset lessons. Drums independence exercises for drum fills, drumset beats, and drums grooves on video. - More free drum lessons, and video drum lesson online! Learn to play drums with the drumming independence you need.
More 'Independence' Drum Lessons at Drums Database

                        JAZZ   (see also Swing)
Lesson 1 - Jazz Drums cool jazz drum beats! The art of the standard swing pattern for swing drumming. (Frames page. Click on "Basic Beats" and select the "Jazz" link)  Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Lesson 2 - A great drum article on trading fours in a very free and polyrhythmic way. From pro drummer, Paul Wertico
Lesson 3 - Drum transcriptions of the legendary, pro jazz drummer, Philly Joe Jones Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Click below for a article on "Choosing the Right Equipment", from
legendary jazz/rock master drummer/teacher, Steve Smith. Pro drummer
Steve Korn is a terrific educator as well as a seasoned musician. Check
out his article on time for swing drumming, phrasing, tempo, drum beat displacement, jazz ride cymbal pattern, and more on swing for jazz drums.
More 'Jazz' Drum Lessons at Drums Database

                                        LATIN (see also Hand Drumming)
Lesson 1 - Various world drumming and Latin lessons from pro drummer, author, and drum clinician, Chuck Silverman. Study mambo, mozambique, calypso, the bossa nova beat and evem latin drum fills.
Lesson 2 - Drumlessons on video with pro drummer / drum teacher, Phil Rowley. Phil demontrates a 6/8 afro cuban into double time mambo, inspired by Billy Martin. Scroll down for lesson. Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Lesson 3 - Basic Latin "rudiments" by expert drummer / clinician, Chuck Silverman. More on salsa drums including latin drum beats, transcriptions and drum pictures. All latin styles... and catch a ride to Cuba while you're at it!

Learn to play drumset for free, at the Drum Lessons Database!

Click on the link below for more music sites with lessons on clave, Bomba, Guaguanco, Mozambique, Samba Drums, Salsa, Merengue, Calypso, and Mambo.Get an education on the origins and influences of Salsa music and latin drumbeats, while learning about latin jazz, music definitions, Merengue, bossa nova, latin hand drumlessons, and transcriptions of afro cuban beats and world drumming beats including the Batucada, Calypso, Cha Cha and Guaguanco. Some midi sound files/wav files.

More 'Latin' Drum Lessons at Drums Database

Lesson 1 - Have you forgotten about your left hand? Here's an exercise written by Bill Rotella to help you develop and strengthen the left hand for playing drums / drumset.

                            LICKS               to the top
Lesson 1 - Keith Cronin presents, Drum Licks from Hell. An exciting drums page with awesome drum fills, drum beats, and drum licks from Terry Bozio, Vinnie Colaiuta, Deen Castronovo, Billy Martin, Dave Weckl, Manu Katche' and more! Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Lesson 2 - Free Drum Videos with the most incredible drum beats, drum licks, fills and drum solos! Learn to play a drum solo on the drums!Limeball.gif (370 bytes)

Lesson 1 - Important thoughts about drums and wisdom. This should come before drum beats and drum fills! Spend an equal amount of time on your head and your heart.

                    LINEAR DRUMMING      to the top
Lesson 1 - Definition and examples of linear drum beats and drum playing from Tomas Howie. One of the best drumming resource sites on the net! Limeball.gif (370 bytes)

Click the drum lessons link below. Kevin Picone of The Drum Machine
walks you through 12 linear drum grooves for drums in drum tab format. 
More 'Linear Drumming' Lessons at Drums Database

                            MALLETS                  to the top
Lesson 1 - Numerous listings and descriptions of drums method books.
Lesson 2 - A great lesson area on chord voicings, comping, jazz music techniques, effects processing, and much more from musician, James Walker. Many percussion treasures at this site!    
Lesson 3 - A research paper by Greg Merrill (SMU, 1996), explaining construction and performance of Marimba percussion.
*Popular mallet brands are Mike Balter, Vic Firth, Vater, Pro-Mark
*Popular bell brands are Ludwig-Musser, Bergerault, Yamaha, Pearl

Click the link below for more percussion performance on the Marimba.
Marimba definitions, mallets construction, cost, lessons, terms, and links to other drums and percussion sites and resources. Also a mallet FAQ page answering some of the most frequently asked questions about marimba and vibraphone.
More 'Mallet' Lessons at Drums Database

watches, clocks, pins....drumbum.com

                             MARCHING (see also Drumlines)
Drum sites regarding drum corps, cadence, marching band, DCI drumlines, etc.
- Bill Bachman displays an impressive quads drum solo incorporating many drum rudiments. Check out Bill's drum beats at BillBachman.net. (Select Videos, then "Reefed Beats Leftovers", then select Beatlicious video)
- A Modern Drummer article featuring "Rudimental Challenges in Quad Drumming" by Bill Bachman.

Lesson 3

- Drumline Parking Lot features include DCI drumline competition schedules, scores for marching drums, sound bites, movies, drum polls, rolls, and more! A "don't miss" for marching drummers, drumcorps and drumline drummers! Limeball.gif (370 bytes)

                              METRONOMES               to the top
Lesson 1 - Metronomes for drums: A comparison between the Boss DB-88 Metronome & the Tama Rhythm Watch. Very detailed lessons on one of the more important drum accessories, the metronome.
*Popular brands are Boss, Qwik Time, Wittner, Korg, Franz Ltd., Tama

                      MIC'ING               to the top
Lesson 1 -"Live" drumset micing techniques (miking) by Gordy Gale -sound engineer for "Niacin" / Dennis Chambers.
Lesson 2 - Free microphone techniques for drums. An extensive resource for micing techniques from Shure microphones. Mic positions, micing tips, miking placement, etc.
More 'Micing Techniques' at Drums Database
*Popular drum microphone brands are Shure, AKG, Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic, Electro-Voice, Audix, Neumann, Sony, Peavy, Sennheiser

                     MISCELLANEOUS           to the top
Lesson 2 - A grab bag of novelty licks, drum beats, rock drumfills, and drum tips including linear, salsa, double bass drums, etc. This page is used by Jeff Salem to help promote his latest publication, "The Book of Licks". Learn to play cool drum licks!  
Lesson 3 - Percussion resources including percussion websites, tips on percussion, tabs, drum terms, and beginner drum lessons for percussion. This online guide has an all percussion theme.
Lesson 4 - DrumLinks.com has hundreds of drum websites and drum links for drums and percussion. Snare drum lessons, drum tips, drumlines, manufacturers, rock drumming lessons, drum schools, vintage drums, drum forums, diy drum building, and more!
Lesson 5 - Drum Articles covering beginner drum lessons and themes including all type of topics about drums from drum tuning, cleaning drums, how to tune drums, and other rock drumming lessons.
Free Drum Lessons Online, at the Drum Lessons Database.

Overview of next page:
Drum and bass (drum n bass), more drum tips, gogo drum beats, a.study of African dance-drumming containing songs, rhythmic principles, polyrhythms, and more world drums, drumbeats, and percussion. - More information on grips, concert snare drums, stroking exercises, speed drumming, timpani methods, ensemble drum playing, crashing concert cymbals, off-beats, semiquavers and more! Questions about drums, a Drum Circle handout, and things to think about when participating in drum circles and other drumming events. Click on the lessons link below.

More 'Miscellaneous' Drum Lessons at Drums Database

Fun with Drums

T-shirts for Drummers
Cool Drummer T-shirts and Accessories!
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                     MOTIVATION        to the top
Lesson 1 - Recommended reading for drums by pro musician / drummer, Jon Dowling.
Lesson 2 - Preparing to be The Best! Every serious drummer / musician should read this for inspiration and motivation. Play drums with confidence. Prepare to be the best drummer alive!
Lesson 3 - Legendary drummer Steve Smith of Vital Information offers an important lesson on "Learning from Mentors". A great motivational piece for drummers... from one of the drum masters!
More 'Motivation' Drum Lessons at DrumsDatabase

                     MOTOWN             to the top
Lesson 1 -Ten very useful Motown rhythms for drums /drumset. Every drummer should know these on the drums.

                     MOVEMENTS            to the top
Lesson 1 -An education on the physical movement of drumming as it applies to rock, jazz, latin, or any style. Another great drum lesson by percussionist Marc Zoutendijk

                          MOZAMBIQUE (see also "Latin")
Lesson 1 - Mozambique Rhythm: Steve Gadd demonstrates the Mozambique pattern for drumset. Limeball.gif (370 bytes)

                             OSTINATOS                 to the top
Lesson 1 - Thanks Mike Timms for putting together a terrific site on Ostinato Drumming for drum set. Includes definition, exercises for drums, soloing, transcriptions, and advice on how to get started. Awesome! Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Lesson 2 - A terrificly challenging exercise by Rick Gratton that incorporates ostinatos on drums. Don't miss his book, "Rick's Licks". We highly recommend his video collaborations with artists Paul DeLong and Marco Minnnemann. -Amazing! Limeball.gif (370 bytes)

                                ODD TIME (see also Polyrhythms)
Lesson 1 - Learn to play Drum Beats in 5/4 time on drumset.  The Web Thumper explores odd times for drums.  Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Lesson 2 - Learn to Play Drum Beats in 3/4 time on drumset.  From the Web Thumper! Limeball.gif (370 bytes)

Click the lessons link below for more on odd time drum beats, Indian drumming, MP3 samples of 5/8, 7/8, and 9/8 drum rhythms in jazz music, and more music downloads. Click on the link below for more odd drum rhythms, beats, and drum fills, in odd meters.
More 'Odd Time' Drum Lessons at Drums Database

                         PANDEIRO  (see also "Latin")
Lesson 1 - Online tips on how to play pandeiro drums. Six different percussion rhythms to learn.
Lesson 2 - Thank you Emiliano Benevides for these great drums and percussion lessons for Pandeiro. Includes percussion instruction on samba and baion drum patterns. (drum video) Limeball.gif (370 bytes)

                                 PARADIDDLE (see also "Rudiments")
Lesson 1 - Incorporating the paradiddle as the foundation of the groove on drumset. Numerous beginner exercises and concepts with sound!    Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Lesson 2

- Learn the basic Single Paradiddle with this video drum lesson demonstrating it from slow to fast. Don't forget; you can use paradiddle fills for pad drums or drumset.

Check out more on Drum Rudiments by clicking the link.

                         PATTERN GENERATORS           to the top
Lesson 1 - A free midi hand drum rhythm generator. Create drum beats for hand drums!
Lesson 3 - Drum Pattern Generators for Rock, Fusion, and Jazz. Frames site. Click on "Drum Set Menue". - German site

                          PERMUTATION              to the top
Lesson 1 - Permutation around the drums. No lessons at this time.

                             PHRASING                 to the top
Lesson 1 - An interesting approach to unique musical phrasing and where we place our beats on the drums. By Fran Merante.

drumsticks, posters, necklaces,....drumbum.com

                           PRACTICING              to the top
Lesson 1 - A great idea list of things to practice on drums and drumset from grooves to drum fills. A useful resource guide for the serious drummer or percussionist. Applies to all styles from jazz to rock, to latin to swing drumming.
Lesson 2 - THE quintessential drums "practice tips" archive. Over 2000 tips including practicing suggestions for drums and drumset.

Click the lessons link below for more practicing advice for drums, drumset and percussion. Drum tips toward more effective practicing, drum fills, an article from Modern Drummer magazine and a discussion about practicing with the metronome.
More 'Practicing' Drum Lessons at Drums Database

                            POLYRHYTHMS              to the top

Lesson 1

- Matt Thomas offers up some free polyrhythms drum lessons from the "Table of Time" to "3/4 and 5/4 Time Excursions".

Lesson 2

- Click on "The mother of all musical polyrhythms" 3 against 2 for polyrhythms.

Lesson 3

- Polyrhythmic applications and beat variations of the quintuplet. Excellent! Limeball.gif (370 bytes)


More on 3/4 and 4/4 polyrhythms ostinatos for drumset, polyrhythmic
applications of the sextuplet and more definitions, musical examples, videos,
and clarification about polyrhythms and polymeters for drums.
More 'Polyrhythms' Drum Lessons at Drums Database

                          POSTURE / POSITIONING        to the top
Lesson 1 - More on seat height and positioning for playing drum set.
Lesson 2 - Drumset posture and pics from Alan McLean.

Lesson 1 - A handful of Punk Drum Tips from Punk drumming and rock enthusiast, Charlie Platt.
Lesson 2 - Punk Drums! - The Punk Drumming Website is still in it's infancy but growing. Thanks Ryan!

                                QUADS   (see also "Rudiments") 
Lesson 1 - Quad drums and quads lessons! Ever heard of "Quad-a-diddles"? These are paradiddle combinations for the Quads! Great drum beat patterns and beat combinations for quad drums. Learn to play quads in drumline!

                        READING  (see also Theory)
Lesson 1 - It ain't english, math, or science; it's reading! Tomas Howie does it again! An awesome page on introductory reading and theory. Put those drum tabs aside!  (drum video)   Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Lesson 2 - Go back to school with the Charts of Rhythmic Values. An awesome drum lesson plans page and unique music ed tool for drums!
Lesson 3 - Alan McLean offers up a thorough page on basic reading, beginner notation, intro to bar lines, staff, quarter note, and time signatures. Read Music!

Click below for more lessons on basic music note values, reading music,
and rhythm exercises and etudes that will polish up your reading.
More 'Reading' Drum Lessons at Drums Database

                        RECORDING (see also Studio)
Lesson 1 - Studio Mic'ing techniques by Engineer, Drummer, and rmmp newsgroup regular, Lyle Caldwell.
Lesson 2 - Article on understanding microphones and the differences between condenser and dynamic mics. Very helpful for recording drums.
Lesson 3 - A short tutorial on how to record drums to make videos. for You Tube or simply for yourself. - New!

                                 REGGAE                   to the top
Lesson 1 - Learn how to play Reggae drums online! This guys kicks up some cool reggae drum beats and drum fills with an awesome groove.

                        REPAIR           to the top
Lesson 1 - Tips, discussion, suggestions on fixing cracked cymbals. Includes methods, plans, necessary accessories, alternatives, etc.
Lesson 2 - Friend (and comedian) Stephen Mulholland shares his step-by-step method of re-covering a drumset.  

                             RHUMBA (see also "Latin")
Lesson 1 - A brief lesson for the Rhumba clave. Variation also spelled rumba clave. Stay tuned for how to play the rumba rhythm on drumset.

                            RUDIMENTS              to the top

Lesson 1

- List of 40 Standard Drum Rudiments for drums, plus video examples of drum rudiments, double stroke rolls, press rolls, paradiddles, flams, drags, etc. Based off of standard drum method books and PAS rudiments. The official 40 snare drum rudiments or Percussive Arts Society (PAS) drum rudiments. - Video - DrumRudiments.com. Limeball.gif (370 bytes) *Hot!

More on the long roll, discussing ties, compound time and execution of all 40 drum rudiments. Audio/video instruction. Singles, doubles, triplets and excercises on drums sub-dividing the 13 stroke roll. Educational lesson plans on 40 drum rudiments from Vic Firth including single stroke, roll rudiments, paradiddles, drag, flam rudiments and sound files to match! Even snare drum rudiments videos for drums including lesson 25, double ratamacues, swiss army triplets and corps drum rudiments. Click on the drum lessons link below for more.

More Drums 'Rudiments' Lessons at Drums Database

                                RUDIMENT SOLOS (see also Drumlines)

Lesson 1 - Nine rudimental solos for snare drum. Marching corps / drumlines. Master and play your drum rudiments with these challenging drum scores.

                                    ROCK                       to the top
Lesson 1 - Learn how to play drums online with rock beats! Learn basic 8th note rock beats and beginning styles for drumset. More rock beats for drumset coming soon.

Free rock drumming lessons and beats at drums database. Learn beginner
rock drum beats and rock drum fills for free at Drums Database!

                                  ROLLS (see also "Rudiments")
Lesson 1 - Among the other rudiments, check out double stroke rolls, 5, 9, etc.  More roll rudiments for Drums and Drumming coming soon. Also applications to drumset.    

                                     SALSA  (see  also "Afro Cuban")
Lesson 1 - "University of Salsa" is a fantastic music and educational resource! A complete dictionary of salsa related terms including words as shekeré, clave, and guaguancó. - Salsa drums!

                          SAMBA (see also "Latin")
Lesson 1 - Frames page. Click on "Advanced Beats" and then click on "Advanced Latin Samba" for 2 Samba exercises. Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Lesson 2 - Play Samba beats for Djembe and other percussion. Includes MP3 and Real Audio examples. - Samba! (drum video)  Limeball.gif (370 bytes)     

                  SECOND LINE      to the top
Lesson 1 - An overview and brief history of second line drumming (street beats) and second line funk drumming. (drum video) Limeball.gif (370 bytes)

                               SETTING UP A DRUMSET (see also "Posture")
Lesson 1 - How to assemble a drumset. Pictures of each part of the drumset and explanation on how to set up a standard 5 piece drumset. - Detailed drum pics.
Lesson 2 - How to set up a drumset. Also included pictures. The foundation of your kit setup needs to be solid as a rock!

Free beginning tips on setting up a drumset. Drum placement,
seat adjustment, seating the heads on the drums and more.

                     SHOWMANSHIP          to the top
Lesson 1 - Steve Stockmal is the DrumStick Spinning king! Check out this free mpg video guide. If you'd like to buy the book/video, you can do so at Drum Bum.   

                               SHUFFLE                   to the top

Lesson 1

- Nice drumset shuffle patterns for drums patterned off of the infamous (Bernard) Purdie Shuffle.

                            SINGLE STROKE ROLL (see also "Rudiments")
Lesson 1 - An introduction to the single stroke roll and it's application to the drums, drum set. Drum Videos demonstrating all 40 drum rudiments. Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Free Drum Lessons Online, at the Drum Lessons Database.

                         SNARE BUZZ        to the top
Lesson 1 - Tips on controlling snare drum buzz live and in the studio. Many drummers offer their advice on stopping that annoying snare drum buzz. Sympathetic buzz.

                        SOLOING         to the top
Lesson 1 - Teriffic drum movies demonstrating afro-cuban soloing for hand percussion instruments; quinto conga, timbalitos, bongos and more. Symbols chart, etc. -Buy Cliff's book! Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Lesson 2 - Kenwood Dennard offers a few tips for drum solo construction based around melody. From Berklee Shares  (drum video) Limeball.gif (370 bytes)

   t-shirts, hats, decals...drumbum.com!

                         SOLOS          to the top
Lesson 1 - Tons of awesome drum solos! If you love drums, you'll love these awesome Free Drum Videos and mini drum clips. You don't need to weed through all the bad stuff. Drum Bum has done all the work for you. - Free drumset lessons on video!

Lesson 2

- Steve Holme's tribute site to Dave Weckl and Vinnie Colaiuta. Free MP3's of great drum solos for each of them ..and you've got to see Steve play drums too. (drum video) Limeball.gif (370 bytes)

Lesson 3

- Free audio clips online featuring amazing 15 year old drummer prodigy, Tony Royster Jr. playing the drumset. Includes some impressive soloing! More drum videos for Tony on the way. Limeball.gif (370 bytes)   

Click the lessons link below for more drum solos, free drum videos, and drumming chops featuring drum pros Tony Williams, Max Roach, Larry Bright, and more in mp3 and wav format.

More 'Solos' from Famous Drummers at Drums Database  

Lesson 1 - Tips and exercises on speed drumming from Steve Dow. Covers Steve's personal experience with the Worlds Fastest Drummer contest and how to prepare for speed on drums. Learn to play fast on the drums!
Lesson 2 - Speed Drumming- Speed Drumming Article covering the "Rise of Speed Drumming", by George Broyer. Includes Worlds Fastest Drummer (WFD) contest and how it is evolving and changing how we play drums.
Lesson 3 - How to play fast on the drums and build chops. Scott LaBorde provides tips and warm-ups for improving your speed. Finger technique (finger control) and relaxing while playing fast. Applied to all styles... rock, etc. Learn how to play fast!

Click on the lessons link below for more on speed drumming.
Don't miss books, cds and DVDs with Extreme Drumming Lessons.

More 'Speed Drumming' Lessons at Drums Database

                             STEEL DRUMS                to the top
Lesson 1 - A brief musical history of the steel drum (pans). Let's go to the islands mon'... and play some drums!
Lesson 2 - Plan on how to make a steel drum. Includes video, parts and accessories needed for building drums. Play steel drums!

                     STICK TWIRLING      to the top
Lesson 1 - Click the lesson link to your left to view a free mpg sample video on how to twirl your drumsticks.

                              STUDIO                 to the top
Lesson 1 - Michael Laskow, founder of Taxi, offers up a no-nosense approach to getting great drum sounds from your home studio.Studio mic'ing techniques.

                     SWING (see also Jazz)

Lesson 1

- A practical exercise and guide for developing musical independence on drums against the jazz swing ride pattern. Learn swing drumming.

Lesson 2

- Music-minus-one! A spectacular German site featuring jazz standards like Night in Tunisia and Freddie the Freeloader. Midi, MP3 and PDF files. Frames site. Click on "Drum Set Menue" and then "Minus One". Learn jazz drums today! Limeball.gif (370 bytes)

                     SYNCOPATION       to the top

Lesson 1

- Learn syncopation on drums with these advanced syncopated rhythm, rock drumset beats.    Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Learn how to play drums for free, at the Drum Lessons Database.


- An overview of Orchestral Percussion including definitions on symphonic concert snare drums, mallet instruments, stroking exercises, timpani methods, ensemble playing, crashing concert cymbals, off-beats, semiquavers and more.

                              TABLA              to the top

Lesson 1

- Music site dedicated to the art of Indian tabla drums. The home page will link to free tips, history, lessons, and other music links for tabla drumming.

Lesson 2

- A "Basic Overview of the Tabla" by David Courtney, PHD. A very impressive drum site with tons of great beginner info on tabla drumming.

Lesson 3

- Very thorough. Repair and Maintenance of Tabla including great drum pics and numerous resources online for tabla drums.

Click the lessons link below for learning more on tabla drums and tabla drumming, including a beginner's guide to tabla featuring easy drum lessons, drumbeats, and drum fills with audio!
More 'Tabla' Drum Lessons at Drums Database

                                      TABS  (see also Transcriptions)

Lesson 1

- Site dedicated to Metallica tabs and other rock drumming tabs. Numerous other drum tabs to pick from as well.  - Click here for all drum tabs

Lesson 2

- Music tablature site dedicated to Korn tabs and other rock drum lessons.   - Click here for all drum tabs

Lesson 3

- Dave Mathews, Dream Theater, Stone Temple Pilots music / drum tabs. - Click here for all drum tabs

More 'Drum Tabs' at Drums Database

                                TAIKO                  to the top

Lesson 1

- Everything you need to know about Taiko drums and Japanese drumming. A unique, all-inclusive music site!
Lesson 2

- Taiko drumming resource. Includes the drum history, style, terms, instrument construction, clothing, and related resources for Taiko drums and drumming.

                    TANGO       to the top

Lesson 1

- One of the best Tango websites on the web featuring lessons on tango beats, time signatures, syncopation rhythms and more. New!

                       TEMPO          to the top

Lesson 1

- A basic lessons page on describing different tempos for drums and drumming.  Limeball.gif (370 bytes)

                          THEORY (see also Reading)
Lesson 1 - This site is amazing! Everything you need to know about general music theory and tablature including guitar, bass, keyboard, etc. A great educational site for all musicians.
Lesson 2 - A fantastic compilation of musical terms, tabs, and definitions relating to tempo, dynamics, and style, from Gary Ewer's fantastic "Easy Music Theory" site. Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
More 'Music Theory' Lessons at Drums Database

                               TIME SIGNATURES (see also Reading)
Lesson 1 - An explanation of time signatures including odd time, even time, common time and cut time.
Lesson 2 - Melodic examples of time signatures. Well written and easy to understand, from the "Easy Music Theory" course.   Limeball.gif (370 bytes)  

                               TIMPANI                   to the top
Lesson 1 - Information on timpani drums including solos, exercises, and pictures of these orchestral drums.  Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Lesson 2 - A free lesson on how to make Timpani sticks. Pictures.

Learn How To Play Drums at the Drum Lessons Database
Lesson 1 - DrumBum (yea, that's us!) has a ton of drum tips on learning how to drum at this index page to our store. Online drum tips on any drums or percussion subject. A great inspirational guide for drummers.
Lesson 2 - Now there's an official drum tips site for those who play drums. Visit DrumTips.com for over 2000 different drum tips and Drum Lessons on all subjects of drums including drum rudiments, rock drum fills, beginning and advanced drumbeats, tips on tuning drums, basic drumming, famous drummers, and Latin percussion.
Lesson 3 Find Tips on Music at FindTips.com. This site has thousands of tips on every topic you can think including over 890 music tips. Subjects are guitar, drums, piano, singing, songwriting, general musician tips and even Namm show tips.

                       TRAIN BEAT            to the top
Lesson 1 - Definitions and variations for playing the infamous "train beat" on the drums. A pro drummers drum lesson from Drum Bum. Learn the train beat! Can be applied to rock drumming to punk drumming to pop drumming.

                     TRANSCRIPTIONS (see also Tabs)
Lesson 2 - Metallica charts for drums, from the Web Thumper. Misc. transcriptions, heavy metal drumming charts.    Limeball.gif (370 bytes)  
Lesson 3 - 2 nicely laid out transcriptions of drummer's Elvin Jones and Bill Stewart.   Limeball.gif (370 bytes)

Click the lessons link below for more transcriptions, drum tabs, free videos, and charts. Featured drummers include Bill Stewart, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dennis Chambers, and Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater). Also, music from jazz/funk albums including the intro to Sissy Strut with Dennis Chambers on drums.
More 'Transcriptions' and Drum Lessons at DrumsDatabase

                                 TRIGGERING  (see also Electronics)
Lesson 1 - A basic "how to" and questions answered for triggering your drums. Coming... building your own triggers for drums.
Lesson 2 - Discussion on triggers for acoustic drumsets. Links, instructions / plans for building drum triggers and even more knowledge of midi, D4 modules, etc. here
*Popular brands are Barcus-Berry, Trigger Perfect, Cerper Ltd., Ddrum,
Fishman, Hart Dynamics, Dauz, Boom Theory, KAT, Pintech, S&S, Roland

                               TUNING DRUMS        to the top      
Lesson 1 - The Drum Tuning Bible. Impressive book on tuning drums and drumsets. Includes snare buzz, seating the heads, and alternative methods for tuning drums. The ultimate beginner to advanced drum tuning source.
Lesson 2 - How to tune drums DVD. Insight from pro drummers on proper drum tuning. This tuning drums dvd simplifies the process so it's easier to learn drum tuning.
Lesson 3 - Need the secret to tuning drums? Here's a forum dedicated to all things drum tuning and maintenance from snare drum tuning and drumset tuning to drum muffling and even drum maintenance tips.

Click the lessons link below for more on tuning drums, tuning snare drums, instructions on tuning a drumset, latin percussion tuning, and more.
More 'Tuning Drums' Lessons at Drums Database

                       VIBES            to the top
- Please see Mallets

                   WARM UPS       to the top

Lesson 1

- Drum warm ups including stretching exercises for warming up before playing your drums.

Lesson 2

- A teacher PDF chock full of drumline Drum Sticking patterns for snare, quints and bass drum.

Lesson 3

- Great warm-up stick control drills for drums. Includes a fun drumline drill, "Porky Pig". One of many lessons for guitar, bass and percussion.

                      WHY YOU DRUM           to the top

Lesson 1

- Inspirational thoughts and essays on the power of drumming, why we play the drums, learning how to drum and music education in general. Life lessons -Aim for the top!

Lesson 2

- An inspiring and soulful article about the art of drumming that, in our personal opinion, everyone that plays drums should read!


Lesson 1 - Learn how to play world drums. A brief description of Ghana's Atsiã rhythm and related drumbeats for world drums and percussion.
Lesson 2 - Impressive! Kevin O'Sullivan has an amazing control over all four limbs while demonstrating the world Atsiã rhythm as applied to drumset. Overhead view of drums on video.   Limeball.gif (370 bytes) 
Lesson 3 - World Drumming educator, Mark Powers schools us on the African Achiagbekor rhythm for drumset. The Achiagbekor is a war dance of Ghana's Ewe population. - Thank you Mark!
Lesson 4 - Learn the origins of the jembe, berimbau, cajon drum, and the steel pans at Exploratorium. - Nice percussion page on world drumming! Limeball.gif (370 bytes) 
Lesson 5 - History of the Berimbau percussion instrument. Audio lesson samples. Play the berimbau. Limeball.gif (370 bytes) 

Free Drum Lessons Online at Drums Database.

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The Drum Lessons Database is for everyone! Archives covering instruction on world beats and drum styles such as hardcore, american, acid jazz, acoustic drums, salsa, alternative, classical, be-bop, big band, bluegrass, cajun, celtic, Christian rock, disco, folk, hip hop, house, motown, zydeco, progressive, drum and bass, dci, marching band, drum terms, world beat, ska, rockabilly, surf punk, or teen pop... you'll find drum percussion lessons or tabs here to study drums and drumming. Become a better rock or all styles drummer today. Don't just play the drums...hang out at the Drums Database and learn how to play drums for free!

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to famous drummers such as Buddy Rich, Mike Portnoy, Terry Bozzio, Neil Peart, and John Bonham, and numerous links to drums-related "free" stuff, drum lessons, free drum beats, drum tabs to help you learn how to play drums, video drum lessons, video drumset lessons, percussion, beginner drumbeats, rock drum fills, and a basic guide to drumming including rock drumming lessons, and more. Check out drums tips, how to read drum tabs, and free drum lessons at DrumTips.com.

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More on Drum and Bass, Moeller Method, Drum Corps International (DCI), Drum Solo Videos, Linear Drum Playing, Drum Machines, Drum Tabs, Drum Beats, more Drum Solos, Drum MP3s, Drum Licks, Video Drum Lessons, including the Cascara and Tumbau, at this huge drums and percussion how-to site. All you need for learning how to play rock drumbeats, drum fills,... how to play DRUMS! - Rock Drumming

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